Mezzanine Finance or Second Charge Finance sits between a Senior lenders First Charge finance and a clients equity.

A Mezzanine facility can be used to achieve a higher level of debt on your project (up to 85% LTGDV) or fill a funding gap where a client has insufficient equity.

With Mezzanine Finance, the pricing is generally more expensive than Senior or Stretch Senior debt, as the lender is taking on more risk and has less control.

A Mezzanine lender has to first assess the transaction. The First Charge lender will usually provide a Deed Of Priority or Intercreditor Deed. This is where the Mezzanine or Second Charge lender will be able to decide whether this is an acceptable risk. Terms between the First and Second Charge lender, on many occasions, can make or break whether the loan is provided.

We have extensive experience with mezzanine finance providers. From private lenders, bridge lenders to alternative lenders and equity investors, we can assist with arranging terms to suit a client requirements.

With our knowledge of our lenders, we can combine mezzanine providers with a senior lender where both are happy to work together. This is possible for both investments and developments and is an alternative to a stretched senior facility from one lender.

Even though the mezzanine facility is more expensive debt, it is normally only a small proportion of the overall debt. Once you take into consideration the overall finance costs, the blended rate can be lower than Stretch Senior rates.

Mezzanine lenders normally look for a fixed return and/or a profit participation.  Interest can either be paid monthly or capitalised to the loan, and can be compound or non-compounded dependant on the lender.

Using our extensive network of mezzanine debt providers, we can achieve rates from 14% upwards and can find the right debt partner for your project.

For more information on Mezzanine Finance or Second Charge, please contact us or fill in the Callback Request. We would be happy to discuss your investments and/or developments and how we can help you achieve your financial goals.


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