Equity is important for a client to realise a real estate project. Real Estate investment and development equity finance and joint venture requirements can arise when:

  • you have either all your money tied into other transactions or projects
  • you are looking for additional equity or a silent or value add partner
  • are slightly short of your equity requirement to realise a project
  • you require more than a debt provider can offer

When assessing an investment or development, there is the possible option of taking on an Equity Investor(s) to make the project achievable.

If you are an experienced developer or investor with a good track record and a great site but don’t have enough equity to realise your project, Equity Finance or a Joint Venture with an Equity Investor could be the right solution for you.

Through our extensive contacts, we can source Equity Investors on a project by project basis or an Joint Venture Partner to support the growth of your business.

Equity Finance is available up to 100% of the equity requirement, but is normally around 90% of the equity requirement.

Whether you are funding part of your project via debt or not, we have a network of Equity Investors who can supply up to 100% of the equity requirement.

Our Equity Investors can either act on a silent participation basis or on a value added Joint Venture basis.

Our Equity Investors will either look for a Fixed ROI (Return On Interest) and/or a fixed or flexible share of eventual profits, with or without a fixed hurdle percentage before profits are split. The precise split will be dependant on the project and parties involved. As a general benchmark, Equity providers would require 50% of the profit.

Century 10 Real Estate Finance can review your transaction in full and assess your requirements with you. We can then present available options to better understand whether any of our Equity Investors could be a viable solution.

We are able to deal with onshore and offshore structures as well as different company structures such as Trust and Charities.

If you are seeking for an Equity Investor as Equity Finance or as a Joint Venture Equity Partner, please contact us. We would be more than happy to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, please fill in the Callback Request Form and a member of our team will contact you to discuss further.


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